Manuscript Cabinet

Here is the latest kid to leave the house. This  manuscript cabinet was started back in August and was completed and delivered this week to a very happy private client. The upper portion is made of “African olive wood”which is how it was sold to me…I am not sure if there are actual olives that grow on this tree, I think the wood merely resembles real olive wood . In any case it is truly lovely wood and is really really nice to work with! The upper box contains two drawers constructed of hand cut dovetails and feature maple drawer slides that also serve as pulls. The lower unit will serve as a shelving unit for manuscripts this particular client deals with on a daily basis. Thanks Claude for the great images! www.twohumans.commanuscript 1manuscript3 manuscript4manuscript2 manuscript5

Never enough clamps!

clamps Here is a shot of the drawer box of the manuscript cabinet finally assembled. The corners are all reinforced mitre joints so the parts all had to come together simultaneously. I used “Titebond” extend glue which gave me a bit more time to get everything aligned before the glue set , although I still had to move like hell. (I hate using epoxy…even though it gives you lots of time to get things right)It required 45 clamps to get all the seams tight.

I hope this is a good enough answer to all of those who have visited my shop and asked if I really need all those clamps!

Manuscript Cabinet

Manuscript cabinetI am started building a manuscript cabinet for a (very patient client) writer that I designed this past spring. It will consist of an upper drawer box and a lower shelving unit. The wood I have selected to use is “African Olive” that I have had squirreled away for a number of years and some maple.



I have started work on a showcase for a private client that will house a collection of contemporary ceramic bowls by a noted British ceramic artist. Here are a few images of the frame under construction, note the scale of the joinery which requires extreme focus and precision…stressful but satisfying Showcase glue upmini joinerycutting tenons on my JMP

Back in Business

As of January fully insured and my New Studio in Sutton Quebec is in Operation! I have started to work on some commissions for private clients who have been graciously patient for the last two years and also have begun work on some small limited production items. I will post new images shortly.back at work

Milling Lumber

To give a brief history on  this  video, I purchased a bush lot in the mountains of Sutton,Quebec, Canada in 2006 with the hopes of one day building a live/workspace outside of  the city. Fortunately in 2011 I was informed that the building that housed my studio would be expropriated by The City of Montreal which proved to be the kick in the pants I needed to get on with it. Currently The building is about 65% complete and with any luck I will be back up and running  by summer2013.

This first video shows me milling up some of the logs on my property  before construction began. It should give people an idea of what is involved in the preparation of material before the furniture making part begins.  After the logs have been milled into lumber they generally require a couple years of drying before they are ready for further processing, unless they are slated for steam bending projects which requires wood of a higher moisture content.

I intend to periodically post videos of future projects and some of the procedures  involved in my furniture making practice so please check back for updates and future posts. I would love to hear some of your thoughts and feedback so feel free to comment.


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